Vornaucilos Zudamath

A kind and caring fish-man with an unexpected and dark past


Mostly called Vornos by friends and allies, this Triton will make you remember his name; or offer you fish.

Race: Triton
Class: Engineer 7 – Kineticist
Age: 98

Ability Scores:
Str: 9
Dex: 12
Con: 11
Int: 20
Wis: 6
Cha: 11

Proficient Saves:
Dex: +4
Int: +8

HP: 26
AC: 12

Wearing: Leather Armor
Wielding: Aecus (Long Gun) and his gadgets.


Although being a former soldier, in his whole life, Vornos has only killed 4 men. In the army he had the rank of Second Lieutenant Combat Engineer.

Vornos made watches before joining the guild and had done so in the town of importance for nearly 10 years when he joined. Before that he had travelled for close to 5 years after leaving the army when the war was over. He is adapt to the surface enviroment, but the cultures, not so much. He is the party’s socially awkward character and tends to think that everyone want fish.

He speaks two languages; Common and Primordial. His Primordial is excellent, though his common could need practise, but is understandable by most.

He is not really close to anyone in the squad, but seems to avoid Lance, Thorgrim and used to avoid Gilri until he locked himself in a mountain forge. This avoidance is not personal, but only a necessary precaution in Vornos’ eyes as Lance and especially Thorgrim seem to wield the powers of the arcane.

When not on missions, Vornos can be found tinkering in his workshop in the same mine as Gilri locked himself in, though a different part of it. Just knock four times, and he’ll be by the door…

Vornaucilos Zudamath

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