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We have taken the liberty of initiating an expansion of the Isolation Archives. Our hope is that the other circles will do the same, and that we will be allowed mutual access. But that is not enough. It is time we speak about an over-arching archive.

Whether the Circle Council approves of this or not, I am uncertain, but we are of the firm conviction that the Order should move towards more collaboration between the circles. We have delved deeply into the records of the Campaign of Pain, and they have left us with a feeling that we have to reopen the lines of communication, lest more disaster scenarios – such as that very Pain debacle – sneak up on us.

Had anyone from the the Hell Circle deigned to share information with us, we could have avoided it all-together. I know for a fact that at least two of the Order's Weapons were aware of the developments and at least suspected their far-flung consequences. Our local Weapon even went behind the Circle's back to stop it, if the rumours are to be true. How the Paragon of Hell ever kept his position is beyond me.

Now, the very nature of realmatics makes it incredibly difficult to keep track of everything – of that we are well aware – and more collaborative records would always be far from complete and difficult to maintain, besides. But our reading of what we do have seem to suggest that such near misses are the rule rather than the exception on the macroscopic scales on which the Order operates. Now, if any of the Elder Dragonslords – or even that tree bitch – could be persuaded into an exchange of notes, then we might finally be able to prove our suspicions to the Unwalled Council, but, alas, I do not see that happening any time soon. Even so, I believe the only rational course of action would be for the circles to take action into their own hands and start building upon the work of one-another. A true archive with all that we know. With dedicated scholars specialising in the macro-view and not distracted by the micro-details that are these worlds. A true Archive of the Seen.

I will not overstep. We will not reach out without the Circle's permission. Our archive will only consist of local information. But we do hope the current effort might help in showing Thee how serious we are and that Thou might find it wise enough to support us.

But until then,
All hail the Paragon of Isolation, hallowed be Thine wisdom!

With Thy permission,

Lord Julius of Dawnfall,
Farseer and Circle envoy to Importance,
Order of the Unseen Walls.

Main Page

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