Lands of the Wicked Maidens

The Feywild Cometh

The Lands of the Wicked Maidens is a forest that stretches from the Dragon-Hand Bay to the Death-Kobold Mount Mountain Range, and that traces the the Sun Empire's, Forsjnisch's and Lambert's Eastern borders.

The forest itself is dense, filled with unstable and aggressive wildlife as well as disproportionate population of Fey creatures. Any attempts at cutting or burning the forest down are usually cut short, for tree sap erodes weapons quicker than they can cut, and the vegetation seem to resist fire.

The only places where the forest is being successfully held at bay is Vigil's Keep and the Forsjnisch trading routes.

But the forest even resist these successes, and the Burning Guild of Vigil's Keep's most sacred duty is to maintain the arcane and ancient rituals that seem to fuel the enchantments keeping the forest at bay.

Travelers, Beware !

"Follow the Road, lest your life outflow"
- Warfan, Gnomish poet of the eighty-seventh century A. T.

The Gnomes were never good at conventional poetry, but the warning from Warfan's famous poem stays true. The Forsjnisch road is well patrolled and mostly safe to travel, but stray from the road and all manners of horrors might hunt you down. Hags and witches, treants and faeries, even moss covered undead have been reported in the forest. And that is just what some very few have survived long enough to tell others about. Whatever creatures might lurk in these lands are not for even the strong to survive.


The Land of the Wicked Ladies is colloquially known as Efrax, though few people know this. 

Lands of the Wicked Maidens

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