Vornaucilos Zudamath

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Mostly called Vornos by friends and allies, this Triton will make you remember his name; or offer you fish.

Race: Triton
Class: Engineer 8 – Kineticist
Age: 98

Ability Scores:
Str: 9
Dex: 14
Con: 11
Int: 20
Wis: 6
Cha: 11

Proficient Saves:
Dex: +5
Int: +8

HP: 34
AC: 13

Wearing: Leather Armor
Wielding: Aecus (Long Gun) and his gadgets.


Before the group met each others and became a part of the guild, Vornos Zudamath was a humble watchmaker in the town of Importance. He had lived there for 10 years before the events that led to him being part of the guild. He had seeked refuge in the city as a former soldier wanting to get away from the bad dreams and terrorizing memories of the war. He had been travelling for five years before settling down in Importance.

Once he opened up his little shop in central Importance, customers started visiting him, buying watches, clocks and repairing them as well as other small mechanical contraptions. He earned quite alot of money in the few first years, but after the third year, his success started slowing down. Importance wasnt the largest city in the world, so outsider customers weren’t a common thing. Vornos realised he couldn’t live off selling just watches, and started making small gadgets in his basement which he sold to merchants, nobles and commonfolk alike. Things like chemical lamps, locks, mechanical fans, meat grinders and crossbows were the most common of his orders.

A few weeks after his “10 year anniversary” for living in Importance, a letter was delivered to him about a guild of the unseen walls opening up a chapter, or an office in Importance. Vornos was invited, but he didnt really feel like being a guild-man. He knew they could probably need his mechanical expertise, and he WAS bored alot lately. Making things was fun and all, but he never got to use his moreā€¦ dangerous equipment. He set out towards the hilltop where he met many friends. Such as Farmer Bob, Jeremy the butcher’s son, Sam the fisherman, whom he had done business with alot; Gordon the carpetmaker and his wife Millaow was also there. There was also a few men of the church; most notably Father Thomas, whom he later would get to know properly.

He was put in group with Farmer Bob, Father Thomas, a dwarven fellow called Thorgreem? Thorgrim? Something like that. A carpenter called Lance Cloudfire, a self-proclaimed dwarf (human), Gilri and Lucent Press, an old wise miner who was assumed dead after a mine-accident. They were all sent to a temple ruin as a test to see if they were fit for the guild. In the temple they got bracelets that they brought back to the guild office. The bracelets were given back to the group and as they put them on, they merged with their bodies. These would later show to grant supernatural powers.

After this, the group started doing missions for the guild.

Vornos is the mechanical support of the group. Not being a tactical genius, he usually places himself in danger and in need of rescue, but can pack a punch when it counts. His many gadgets often come in useful, or not, but at least they look cool!

He can be found dabbling in his workshop in the local mine in Importance, or out travelling on guild missions through the nearby world.

Vornaucilos Zudamath

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