Thomas Nightingale Starling

A noble of a religious nature


Str=18. Dex=10. Con=10. Int=12. Wis=10. Cha=14.
Save. Str+6. Dex+2. Con+2. Int+3. Wis+5. Cha+7

HP=52. AC=19.

Half-Plate+1. Shield+1. Long-sword.

Charisma bonus on saves for allays and Thomas when within 30 of Thomas.
Lay on hands, channel Divinity.


Thomas is a priest of Pholtus that uses his spear time to help the people to the best of his ability.

Thomas has a small Devi friend named Devin
and a Griffin named Senra, both are able to speak telepaticly with Thomas.
Devin is able to speak with others tho he does not often do it.

Thomas sees himself as a shield for the common folk, doing what he sees as right so that they can live lives of meaning.

Thomas is a noble, and 47 in the line for the throne. he is related to both the Nightstalker’s and the Nightshade family (the royal family in Efrax)

Thomas has also taken a squire named Rogan

Thomas Nightingale Starling

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