Welcome to the Order of the Unseen Walls

As a member of the Importance chapter, you are one of the lucky few that are part of the reconstruction effort. In time, I hope to return the chapter and Importance both to their former glory.

Though our current resources are limited, you are welcome to most of our facilities. The training grounds and stables are operational, and most of the workshops are finally up and running as well. Ask the quarter-master for any mission-related equipment-needs.

For research, stop by our library. My assistant, Julius, has been hard at work these last few months to fill it up with any information about the known world that you might need, including extensive records of our guild contacts and associates. This includes our members, of course.

Carry on.


In the name of the Order of the Unseen Walls,
City Planner of Importance

The Order of Importance

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